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    FileMakers Portal Design Concepts


      FileMakers Portal Design Concepts


      Dear FileMaker Network Forum,


      The many and various information about sorting portals has been unique !!


      However what is all this FileMaker crappie designs about regarding and treating Portals any differently than a regular standard layout (without portals) ?


      All of FileMaker menus employed and used for manipulating Records in Browse Mode Find Mode upon its standard layout (without portals). .all these Standard Record Menus features should simply be apply to Portals.

      FileMaker Developers can eliminate all the wasteful programming evolved around Portals by simply restructuring Portals so they respond to any Standard Layout Record Menus:


      So simple !!


      go into Layout Mode

      insert a Portal

      Give your Portal a PortalName ( PortalName ) (its an Object)


      on the computer top menu bar under menu called RECORDS in any Standard Layout

      you simply choose your PortalName, thus ..

      all the Standard Layout Menus for Records (and Scripts and functions) all respond to control manipulate all aspects of the Portal.


      Go back to the top menu bar under menu called RECORDS

      and simply choose your Standard Current Layout records.


      Simply Cycle: The Standard Records Menus between any Portal and with simple minor adjustments affects all scripts and functions.


      And you should be able to put the Portal anywhere on a List View Layout and FileMakers layout should simply text wrap itself around portals.


      Thus, all these additional features and functions for manipulating portals can go into the great central sun. poof.


      FileMaker Portal Designs need to evolve to simplify the foundation of portals for avoiding further

      catastrophes !!


      Thank you for this opportuniy for letting me voice my thoughts !!


      H E A R T L A N D



      jesus Land Tidd

      r o b


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          This is not an Advanced Discussion! Please reserve this space for discussion that is actually Advanced.

          Perhaps you should have posted it in Feature Requests.

          May I also suggest you get some training as you are having ongoing catastrophes. It is very obvious to me that you do not have a grasp of very rudimentary concepts and would benefit greatly.

          - Lyndsay

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            Thank you very much Lyndsay, for taking time to respond comment.


            And sorry excuse me, about appearing to be posting in the wrong place. Actually i did not know there was a feature request area.  The entire site is quite comprehensive and all new to me however FileMaker is not knew to me since i been with Her since She evolved out of a simple application called Claris Works decades ago.


            And it was back then when i foresaw / blessed with envisions where She would be now in this current year. As we all seek simplicities i am blessed to understand where it is all going.  And it will go nowhere unless we continue to unite and forge for Her simplicities.


            My problem is my head always in The Clouds, seeing and envisioning Her future by analyzing The Heart Of Her Foundation and all of what She is to serve for the betterment of Mankind, thus i become ungrounded.


            Personally I believe my solution is not having ongoing catastrophes as much as FileMaker Herself is, struggling over these years towards arriving at more and more simplicities.


            It is, because i always question The Fundamental Basic concepts about all of Her supreme components for wanting to know ONLY that of Her most rudimentary simplest structures for attaining results.


            Which brings us back to why i initiated this post ... and sorry if it appears i am addressing in the wrong place ... but i continue to feel it is much more than just a future feature request that it is an Advance Discussion especially when i do a search across all Forums related to the word PORTAL and ALL what's being related concerning Her functionalities manipulating PORTALS.


            r o b 'jesus Land Tidd' lewis
            architect visionary for
            software & hardware

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              Maybe we should also keep in mind that FileMaker is not a heavenly body.  It is a tool for getting work done.  It would be great to keep posts on these lists as professional and brief as possible.

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                hschlossberg wrote:

                FileMaker is not a heavenly body.


                How do you explain the existence of FileMaker Pro Bible, then?

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                  Well FileMaker is much more a higher form of communication than the applications used for carving on walls in caves.


                  _i_ say heavenly bodies has everything to do with simplicities. In any case,  this discussion is on target, "concerning Her Heavenly Portals not getting the work done efficiently compared to Standard Record Menus".


                  r o b

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                    hschlossberg wrote:

                    FileMaker is not a heavenly body.


                    How do you explain the existence of FileMaker Pro Bible, then?



                    perhaps with a "Let" statement?


                         //declare "universal" variables


                         Let (


                               $$a=  TextStyleAdd ( "FileMaker" ; Italic );

                               $$b=  TextStyleAdd (Char(103)  & "od"; Bold+Titlecase);



                        // the one NOT (down under)

                               $$c= "Cologan"

                               $$c= "Cologon"];


                         // and in the everyday world...


                              $$c  & " is the "  & $$a & "  " &  $$b



                    Thanks, Michael!   Corrected! and recursed!

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                      ... and you risk incurring His wrath for misspelling His name!