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    Splash Screen


      Hi Im new to the forum and I was wonder if anyone could help me. Im trying to create a splash screen in filemaker pro advance and also an on_Click() event to open a for.


      Thanks in advance

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          Hello spencerv (Spencer?).


          A splash screen isn't too hard to implement. Here's one way to do it.


          1) Create a layout that displays what you want the splash screen to show.

          2) Create a script that does the following:

            a) Creates a new window.

            b) Goes to your splash screen layout.

            c) Hides the status bar.

            d) Resizes the window to match the size of the layout (Adjust Window [ Resize To Fit ]).

            e) Moves the window to your desired position on the screen.

            f) Pauses for the desired time frame.

            g) Dismisses the window.

          3) Add this script to your opening script.


          I'm not sure what you mean by your second question. An OnClick event to open a for? What are you trying to accomplish here?



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            spencerv wrote:

            ...and also an on_Click() event to open a for.


            Hi spencerv,


            Assuming that was indended to be an OnClick event to open a *form*, then what you're most likely looking for is a button object attached to the Go To Layout[ ] command.


            If you go to layout mode and choose Insert>Button... you'll be presented with a dialog that allows you to attach a command to the new layout button. If you atach the Go to Layout[ ] command, then (with the command selected) use the controls at the right of the dialog to select your desired destination form layout, the resulting button (in Browse mode) will perform the command, taking the user to the destination layout when it's clicked.





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