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Unstored Calculations

Question asked by Patrick on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by Patrick

I am creating a solution to price windows/doors etc...

It's my first solution in Filemaker and it's actually coming along quite nice. It is being developped for the iPad.

I am however running into some kind of snag. I have alot of unstored calculations and the further into the development I get the slower the whole system runs to the point of even bogging down my computer a little bit.

Do unstored calculations take up alot of computing power?

I have very little experience in thie field and would like any insight into this please?


The reason I am using unstored calculations versus auto entered calculations is they update automatically on the fly as sizes are changed or as options change. I tried auto enter calculations but it seems I have to use refresh scripts for it to update properly and that is almost as annoying as the slowing down from the unnstored. I hope I've explained this properly.