How Do I Pause a Script Conditionally in the Debugger Window?

Discussion created by jmci on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by BruceHerbach

My client has a legacy application in a flat-file database. I am developing a relational database system to replace it. I have imported the legacy data into a temporary FileMaker table and have written a script, called Breakout, that loops through the legacy data and creates records in relational tables. The legacy table contains almost ten thousand records and the script exits prematurely after 306 records. I would like to run the script in the Debugger until the 305th record then pause so I can step through the script line-by-line. I could set a breakpoint at the end of each loop and click the Run button 305 times but is there a better, less time consuming, way?