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    FMPA11 save records as PDF - opening PDF causes Preview crash




      this has been happening of and on for so long, I have learnt to ignore it. But now a clinet has the same issue, on a test build.


      Simple enough save records as PDF, FMPA 11.0 v4 , no Adobe on my system 10.6.8. The same file can save and sometimes open in Preview and other times cause Preview to crash.


      10 miutes ago, c. 20 save as pdf , from 2 different files, similar script sequences , opened ok in Preview. Just tried one again, and preview crash.

      quit Preview, and reopened the file, 5 time ok, then preview crash.

      Does not matter if Preview is running or quit.


      The client is on Liion, and the PDF open fine in Acrobat, but cause Preview crashes.


      It is inconsistent. It might be the first time the pdf is opened, or the 5th, or the 8th...

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