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Company and Pricing Relationship - need help

Question asked by huntert on Feb 29, 2012
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The overrall goal is to have Companies within the database to be able to price Material for each BuildingType. Then from the company perspective be able to select a BuildingType to filter a portal and be able to view the list of Materials that they priced for that BuildingType with their price next to each Material.


So we load the database with a couple of Companies, Some Material, and a couple of BuildingTypes (ex, A, B, C).


BuildingTypes can have many Materials linked to them but a piece of Material can only be linked to one BldgType.

Material can be priced by many Companies and many Companies can price more then one piece of Material.


So I figured my primary tables would have to be as follows: Material, BuildingType, Company.

To resolve the many to many between Companies and Materials I would need a join table called CompanyMaterialPrice. The fields of this table would be _kf_Company, _kf_Material, Price.


I also created a TO called buildingtype_MATERIAL for the one-to-many relationship. This allows me to list the Materials related to a BuildingType in a Portal from the BuildingType perspective.


This is where I get confused. I believe I am creating the right tables. I just don't think I am creating the correct TABLE OCCURENCES to make everything link together.