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Send Mail 1506 Error w/ Exchange Server 2010

Question asked by Jeremiah_Hammond on Feb 29, 2012
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Hey all,


Here's the issue: I'm getting intermittent false positive 1506 errors from the Send Email[ ] script step when sending email via SMTP through a 2010 Exchange Server. False positive meaning the emails *do* get sent out, but FileMaker thinks they weren't.


Background: I have a client whose FileMaker application sends out invoices via email through their SMTP server, aka through the Send Mail [ Send Via SMTP Server ] script step. Everything worked great for about a year and then they upgraded to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. From that point onward, about 1 out of every 4 or so emails (aka Send Mail steps) would come back with a 1506 error ("Email(s) could not be sent successfully"). Here's the problem: this is a false positive error: the email actually *does* get sent out to the recipient, but FileMaker thinks it didn't.


Normally false positives aren't that big of a deal, but because this involves ensuring a customer gets an invoice, it's important the client knows which invoices were sent out successfully and which weren't. I do understand the inherent problems with email reliability in general, but at this point, FileMaker is totally in the dark.


Already been through priority support, so that's not an option.


The only realistic solution I can see at this point is for the client to use an email plugin. I'm always a little bit hesitant to introduce a plugin into an application unless it's absolutely necessary, which brings to my question: Are there other routes I should try to go down first before a plugin?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, oh great FileMaker mind hive.


Thank you!



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