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    Newbie needs help!


      Hi, I am designing my first project on FMP11 and need some help, pretty please!


      I would like to be able to have a table where in the first column it is possible to choose from a drop-down menu, in the second to enter text, and the third one to automatically date-and-time stamp the entry.


      I am sure that it can be done, and have tried a couple of things that I have found on the forums, but I never end with the functionality I need.


      Anyone can guide a lost sailor ;-)





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          Yes, you can have it your way!


          I'm not exactly sure of the window name in Layout mode, but it's something like "Investigator". So, let's use that name.


          In Layout mode:

          1) Select the first field in which you want a drop-down menu. Go to the "Investigtor" or whatever that window is called on the right side of the screen.

          2) At the "Investigator" window, select "Drop Down menu" or whatever is close to that word.

          3) Then, select field number 2, and at the "Investigator" window, make sure the type is "Edit Box".

          4) This field is handled in the "Manage Database" area. When there, choose whatever is close to "On creating a new record". I think there are options there that allow you to "Time stamp" this field. Also, be certain to select "Time Stamp" as your field type.


          I'm not in front of a copy of Filemker, but these instructions are very close. Good luck to you.



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            Hi Gabriel,


            In layout mode from the main menu select View/Inspector.  Click the "Data" tab of the Inspector and choose the Control Style Drop-down list.  If you have made a value list, select that list from the "Values from:" pop-up, also found in the Control Style area of the Inspector.  Field 1 will now be a drop-down list. If you haven't made a value list click the "pencil" icon beside "Values from:" and create a new list, entering all the values you initially want in your drop-down field.


            The second field will likely already be an edit box, click on it and check the inspector to confirm it is an edit box in the Control Style section and choose "Edit Box" if it isn't.


            The third field must be a timestamp field.  Go to File/Manage/Database and select the tab "Fields".  I assume this is only a single tabled database at this time but if not, under the tab "Fields" you should see a drop down list that will show all the tables in your database; select the table where fields 1,2,3 reside.  Then select field 3 and near the bottom where it says "Field Name" make sure field 3 has appeared there.  To the right of field name 3 is the "Type" drop-down list - choose timestamp.  Click OK when you leave to save your changes.


            Now navigate your way back into browse mode and test your fields.  There are many more adjustments you can make to the appearance, position, and data of fields with the inspector.


            Hope this helps,



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              Hi George,


              A million thanks! Up-and-running already!