How do I delete all records when a certain date arises?

Discussion created by cdurham on Feb 29, 2012
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Hello all,


I am pretty much new to FileMaker. I currently run a Sales Import on a daily basis. The tables that I pull in are appended on a daily basis, which makes the Sales Import database larger and take more time to run. I need only keep about a months worth of data in the sales database. The company that I work for has 5 years of information in it! I only need to keep 30 days of information from each of the tables in the sales database. I need to know how to write something like this. IF a certain month is reached THEN delete all of those records. END IF. I also need this to be dynamic in some way, shape, or form. For instance, March 1st is tommorow, so I want to delete all of February 2012's information. When I reach April 1st 2012, I want to delete all of March's data. When May 1st, 2012 arrives, I want to delete all of April 2012's data and so forth. If possible, I would like to find the easiest way to do this. Once again, I am a beginner when it comes to using FileMaker so please bear with me. I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.2 if this helps. Any help would be appreciated.