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    Use Value from another record in a calculation?


      Is it possible to use a value from a different record in a calculation?




      For example, let's say I own a retail store, and I have a database that- on each record- has 1) customer contact information 2) the date 3) how much money the customer spent at the store on that day. I want to create a field that automatically calculates how much money a customer has spent the current day PLUS the last time they were in the store. Is this possible?



      Thanks for the help.


      p.s. I am using Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced.

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          Yes it is possible.


          If you create a self-relationship sorted by ascending date to the customer you can view all related records. you can then calculate the most recent and second most recent transactions.


          My I suggest that you need to have a Purchases table which is related to the customer table. This would ensure that the customer is only entered once but can have many purchase transactions. You must be unnecessarily entering customer details each time instead of reusing existing master data.


          - Lyndsay

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