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Troi File Plugin: Drag and Drop

Question asked by Stephen41 on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by reelsteve

I was able to use Troi's Drag and Drop sample file scripts in my own solution perfectly....on my Mac. When I try to implement the same scripts on the PC, I get stuck. It won't even give me an error message. What I've done is just tried dragging and dropping PDFs as a control. Again on the Mac version, I can do everything I want to, any file type. The PC version gives me this dialogue box (see picture) when I try to drag and drop a PDF into my solution. I need this awesome plug in to work on my PCs, because that is what my company uses most.


I've done the obvious things:

Install the Plug-in.

Make sure it's installed.

Made sure anything that was filemac is filewin on the PC.


Can anyone help or has anyone run into this before?