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    Problem Recalculating field used for multi-key filter when values updated


      Hi there


      I'm just trying to implement a multi-key filter for display of portal records - first ventrure into this territory. It's based on value for Year with addition of "All" to return-delimited list to match filter value on master record selected by user. No problem with the calculated match-field creating multi-line key - this works fine (very similar to exercise 9.2.1 in FM9 Training Series). Trouble is, if the user updates the Year value in portal record the multi-line filter-match in this record is not recalculating.


      I've searched web forums but am unable to implement the "do not store / recalculate when needed" option as the field is used in the relationship to filter field on master record.


      Is there perhaps a get-around using triggers? I tried adding "Refresh Window" on Modify trigger for Year but that didn't work. If I exit the layout and go back in the filter starts behaving itself again, so something must be forcing a recalculation in the process.


      Hopefully the solution is simple!