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    customizing print invoices


      How do I go about customizing my printed invoice.....


      Here's what I've done:



      Print Layouts-Invoice-Print Invoice-Open-Edit Layout......


      When I inserted the company logo (jpeg), I had to move some of the other info.

      This caused a pause in the script, if I clicked on the continue button it would go right to the printer window.....


      What I'm I missing?

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          Stephen Huston

          You mentioned a script, but you didn't tell us any of it's steps/details. Makes it pretty tough to troubleshoot...


          Does your script include any Go To Field or Go To Layout Object steps?


          Give us the whole works.

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            Hi Steve,


            I'm a rook at Filemaker....so hang there with me.....how do I go about

            getting the info you asked for.  If it helps I did not create any data base

            from scratch, only from the starter solutions and then modified from there.

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              how do i go about getting you that info??

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                I looked in the script manager and under:


                Invoices-Reporting it says Print Label, but not Print Invoice...does this

                help?  Or should I be looking someplace else.

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                  Here's the script debugger screen shot.....

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Hi bkw,


                    I usually check in on TechNet just once per weekday, so forgive me if I'm slow to respond when you are being prompt.


                    I will assume you are using a button to trigger the Print option. In layout mode, select the button, then go to the Format pull-down menu and go to Button Setup to find out what script it is running.


                    Then in Script Manager (top of the Script menu) locate that script by name and "open" it as if you wanted to edit it. This will reveal the entire structure of the script. That's the detail we need to know what's going on.


                    Somewhere in that script it will have a Go To Layout step which tells you which layout you will need to modify if you want the layout to look different.


                    The sample files are great for starters, but they are rarely exactly what is needed to fit into another process, and some of the files in starter solutions have been around for many versions without being revised for all the latest options.


                    That should get you started to find the inner workings of the beast.

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                      Thanks for the info, but I need a little more step by step info:


                      I'm trying to follow your instructions and I think i've found the script.

                      How can I send it to you, other than taking photos of the screen?....and

                      I'm using FM Pro 11

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                        Stephen Huston

                        Looks like you are Windows. Use the screen capture command to grab the script-edit window. The script-edit window can resized to minimize the number of times you need to scroll and recapture it if it's long.


                        Your photo worked fine as well (though the Button Setup image you sent didn't specify a script if that was the button in question).

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                          Need guidance on how to get to that specific script.....

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                            Stephen Huston

                            Once you have identified the script by examining the Button Setup box, got to the Script Menu and select the Manage Scripts option at the top of that menu.


                            If Manage Scripts is not in the list, you don't have full permissions; if it is, open it and look for the script by that name.


                            You can also use the little filter opening at the top of the Manage Script window to enter a word from the script name to shorten the list of scripts.


                            Select the script when you find it, and hit the Edit button on the window border (near the bottom of Manage Scripts window).


                            This will open the script for editing, and for viewing all script steps.

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                              Hi Stephen


                              I'm going to go in a different direction:


                              What I'm trying to accomplish:


                              I want to use the company logo in the print invoice, but when I tried to

                              insert it, it was a little large.  I resized the logo and moved some of the

                              elements on the page....that is when the script messed up.  How can I

                              move/edit the elements to incorporate the logo without messing up the



                              Thank you

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                                Stephen Huston

                                It feels like we just changed direction and problems.


                                We really need to see the details of the script and the full button setup. The button needs to pass a parameter ( "print" ) to the script or the script won't run without returning the custom dialog, which does not actually match the problem.


                                Have you changed the button from one object to another? If you you have been editing/moving/redefining layout obejcts? If so, be sure the new button's setup passes the script parameter "Print" when calling the script, or all you'll get is the dialog.

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                                  Got to manage layouts in teh File menu (without running a script) and find the layout. The eidt it and paste in your logo there. Then it should appear every time an invoice is printed


                                  Filemaker is great application that can ado almost anything for a small business


                                  check out:



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                                    I have not changed the Print button.  I only tried to edit the actual

                                    "printed" invoice.