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Filemaker and Quickbooks integration

Question asked by tangoten on Mar 1, 2012
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I'm a possible Filemaker user (haven't decided yet and doing research). I've launched a media company out of my house and will be releasing three magazines over the next 24 months. I've used SalesLogix, Salesforce, and ZOHO CRM in the past. In addition, I've witnessed other small companies waste a tremendous amount of time by not having all of their accounting, inventory, shipping and customer databases integrated as one.


I'm at the start of this venture and want to be as "all inclusive" as possible. Is their any third-party integration of Quickbooks into Filemaker? I would like to avoid database and data-entry redundancy and increase efficiency as much as possible.


Here are my needs

  1. CRM
  2. Quoting bids
  3. Task List (to-do list)
  4. Mail Merge
  5. Invoicing (current and past due)
  6. Sales reports
  7. Tax reports
  8. And selectively share parts of this information with my future employees