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How do I construct a Find with an enterable screen box?

Question asked by on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2012 by Mike_Mitchell

I have two tables. One table is Students.I would like to construct an onscreen Find, so that the user can enter the Student's full name and perform a Find. The Full Name is a combination of two fields that live in the Students table: first name and last name. I would like this to operate just like a Find works in Filemaker. In other words, enter the field information, then hit enter (not click a button) to perform the search. Is there a way in which to do this?


So, the parts in question are:


1) On screen enterable box for a Field search

2) A variable to pick up what has been entered in the box

3) The ability to hit return to perform the search and not have to click a button.


I seem to be missing something.


* Note: One thing I have tried is picking up the entered box information with the function, Get(QuickFindText). However, no matter how I set up the Script and variables, the function returns nothing. It's almost as though this is a bug. (Dare I say, "bug"?) Has anyone else encountered this behavior from Get(QuickFindText)?




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