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    calculations in summary reports


      I have summary field that returns a count. In a report i have a subsummary part with a field projecttype which has a value of either "job" or "inquiry". In this same subsummary i'm trying to get what % were "jobs" and or what % "projects". How does this work? Thanks

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          Hi CN2,


          I put togther a little file to but I don't see an easy way to attach it to this email for you.


          I'll explain it for the count but you can do the same thing for the running count.


          Create a summary field called "COUNT" that gets you the count of all visible project types.

          Create a calcualtion as follows.


          Let (

                    [ count = GetSummary ( COUNT ; PROJECT_TYPE ) ; records = Get ( FoundCount ) ];

                    Round ( ( count/records ); 1 )



          If you want a percentage you have to know how many records that you have in all that is why we use Get ( FoundCount ) and Round to get you the percision you want it to resolve to.


          I'll create another topic and attach the file there.





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            Thanks for your time, just what i needed.