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    Container Field


      Is there anyway or plug in to double click on the container field and open the document. Also, a jpg file can be viewed in the container field, but I want to store some drawing documents that are in pdf format and I cannot see what drawing it is until I open it. Anyway, I can see the drawing attached in the pdf format?


      Any help will be much appreciated.



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          Instead of using aplugin, setup a button called view image that's attached to a script.


          Set the script to export the container field to a folder and open it:


          Here's the script i use

          Set Variable [$temppath; Value: Get ( TemporaryPath )]

          Export Field Contents [Table::ContainerField; "filename'; Automatically open]


          Once the field is exported it will open with the default program associated with the file type.

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            Sorry, I was away and could not reply earlier.


            Thanks for you help.



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              Is there a simplier way rather than exporting it? I too have this problem. On my ipad the container opens by simply clicking it and selecting view. I previously used SuperContainer and you could just click it but with all the Java updates it routinely would not work unti a fix was done. Also FP container storage is so much better now.

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                If you are using FM12 all you have to do is in layout mode select your container field and your Inspector / Data tab down the bottom in Data Formating choose Optimize for "interactive content" make sure your container field size is big enoughto be able to view contents and scroll.

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                  Pre FM12 you could achieve the same thing using a web viewer

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                    I to am having the same issue.  in FM11 MSWord, Excel files could be saved and simple opened via double clicking the container, for some reason I can't get this to happen in FM12 ADV.