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Export 1-Many layout to multiple PDFs

Question asked by lkeyes on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by MicheleOlson

Stumped again.


I've got eight committees each with a several members.


I have a layout showing a subgroup header of a committee name, and then a list of committee members and their offices.

i.e, a classic 1-many layout.... (could be an invoice with line items, whatever...) (See attached screen shot)


I've defined the subgroup to break after each change in the subgroup. It looks great as a layout.



What I'm trying to do is to print these to PDFS, with a single pdf file for each committee.. So far I have the following script:



Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Loop  Set Variable[$OutputFile; Value:Get (Desktopath) & "PDFFolder/" & Committee:: CommitteeName & ".pdf"  Save Records as PDF [Restore; No dialog; "$OutputFile"; Current record]  Go to Record/Request/Page[Next; Exit after last] End Loop


This works fine, right now, creating a .PDF with the name of each committee... However, the PDF itself contains only the last member of each committee as a line item, and doesn't show the printed header line that has the committe name.


Now if I change the red text, "Current Record", to show "Records Being Browsed", I get the correct output... that is 1 page per commitee, with a header and with the members showing, but it doesn't save to individual PDF files....that is I get 8 files (1 per committee), with the correct file name (the committee name), but all files have identical contents, an which is an 8 page PDF of all committees. 1 page per commitee.


So, it is almost as if the "Current Record" parameter creates an additional loop that moves through the "many" records. (Good), but doesn't allow for interrupting to reset the file name (Bad).


Should I do this from the data entry layout, with a portal, instead of the report layout?


Is there any way to get there from here?