Applescript Calls and FileMaker Pro Sandboxing

Discussion created by RonSmithMD on Mar 1, 2012
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Does anyone know if the current Applescripting calls from within FileMaker will be prevented when Apple enforces sandboxing on the Mac in the Mountain Lion upgrade in June!?


If it does there is a fair liklihood I may reconsider Mountain Lion altogether. There are some things that there is no other way to do but Applescripting. My Skype applescripts are good example.


I don't dial phone numbers to call patients back and haven't for years. In fact I don't even have a landline in my personal office space. I click a button that calls an Applescript to tell Skype to dial the number. (You can see this script and others if you search for documents using the tag ronsmithmd).


Here's the MacWorld URL for the article:




Ron Smith, MD