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Labels with spaces between?

Question asked by janet.wright on Mar 2, 2012
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I'm trying to create a label format for specimen vials based on USA Scientific's Tough-Spots. This is a label sheet with round labels (for tube lids). Unlike most Avery labels, these aren't right up against each other. There's a set space between the labels on the printed sheet. There are 12 labels across the page and 16 down (192 per page). The round label diameter (height and width) is .38 inches. The vertical pitch (from top of one label to top of the next) is .63 inches, and the horizontal pitch (from left of one label to left of next) is also .63 inches. Top margin is .62" and side margin is .69". I've attached a Microsoft Word template for the labels in case this shows anything helpful.


I can use the "Custom" assistant and just pretend the labels are .38 tall and .63 wide, but then some of the text will run off to the right of each label instead of doing a line return when it gets to the edge.


Any suggestions how to set this up? Thank you!