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    Tomcat .war webapp installations


      Anyone know how to install webapp .war files into the FileMaker tomcat? I guess you need ot create a webapp folder, add/uncomment out some config lines in the web.xml file, and then restart the webserver... but having tried it I don't seem to have had much luck. Any ideas anyone?

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          I've been successful in doing this in the past installing solr…


          I made notes on how to do that last time I had to, which I think was back at about version 9 or 10, so a couple of the paths might have changed, but here're my notes… you can ignore some of the steps since they are solr specific, but these are a 'known working' set of instructions for what you're trying to do on OS X (IIS will be similar, but with a few minor variations)


          First bit - you've already done the equivalent of this, since you have the .war file already


               Download the solr package from







               in the package, and rename it to



               Copy solr.war to

                    /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Web\ Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpe-tomcat/bin


               After waiting a few moments for Tomcat to ‘do its thing’, a new folder called solr will be created


          Note the point of renaming the .war file to solr.war was to give it a nice simple name



          Ignore this bit since it's about the config of solr


               Create a folder which will hold the solr index. This is best if it’s created in a path which doesn’t have spaces in it. ‘Usually’ something like



               Go back to the unziped archive and navigate to


               copy the conf folder to

                    /Library/FileMaker\ Server/Web\ Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpe-tomcat/bin/solr



                    Library/FileMaker\ Server/Web\ Publishing/publishing-engine/cwpe-tomcat/bin/solr/conf



               In your favourite text editor. Update line 32 to point to the data folder you defined above e.g.


               Save and close


               Open schema.xml and review the definition of the solr schema config. This is where the various


          Back on for you…


               Navigate to

                    /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/

               open mod_jk.conf in your text editor and add the following two lines to the end of the file

                    JkFmMount /solr/* cwpe

               JkFmMount /solr* cwpe



          Restart Apache, then open the FMS admin panel and restart the Web Server process within FMS.


          YMMV, but I have done this as recently as DevCon 2010, when I spoke about integrating solr witth FM…




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            Ah ha. FMSA 11 doesn't seem to have mod_jk.conf... I'm having to do this on Windows, which may explain it. There seems to be a uriworkermap.properties file (amongst others), which looks like a mapping to various services... but doesn't look straightforward. BTW, yes, tomcat has done its stuff with my .war folder.

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              Umm, yeah, it does… on my local install of FMSA 11, running on OS X 10.7.3 it's at


                   /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-helper/WEB-INF/conf/mod_jk.conf


              Might be that this is one place where my notes are from a previous version… I don't have time at present, but I'll update my instructions for FMS 11 and write a blog post over the weekend…


              Good luck




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                "mod_" seems to imply the apache wewbserver - on windows FMSA is using IIS webserver. (There is no /Library on a windows box ;-) )

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                  Ahh, well, ya see, you didn't say it was IIS



                       C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Admin\admin-helper\WEB-INF\conf\modjk.conf


                  Of for a 64 bit machine

                       C:\Program Files (x86)\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Admin\admin-helper\WEB-INF\conf\modjk.conf





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                    Actually, ignore my last message, you're correct…!


                    That path I sent you was off a windows box, but it's been 'tweaked' to use Apache rather than IIS for delivering FMS data…


                    So how do the /fmi paths get mapped to Tomcat on IIS…?




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                      Thanks - I thought I had mentioned we were running it on windows. However, the contents of the directory are as follows:














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                        heh heh - yeah, that is the question.

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                          would like to chime in and ask, whether you used Solr for indexing XML data that came out of FMS. Could be an interesting approach for us, since we still use a separate search engine for our static content. A combination of Solr/Nutch/FMS would be awesome.

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                            Hi Martin


                            We wrote an 'indexer' in python, which pushed data from FileMaker into solr… a client had built their own image library in FileMaker and wanted a web interface for it… based on the amount of data, and the fact that we wanted to do type-ahead keyword filtering etc, FM wasn't quick enough… client loved his FM solution, and the data wasn't changing more than once a day (if that often) so we decided to 'cache' that data somewhere else…


                            We'd just done a Drupal project at the time where even MySQL wasn't keeping up with site demand and had added solr to that (this was 'back' in 2009 when solr was really starting to come into its own as a production solution) so we decided to leave out the middle man and rather than cache data in  MySQL, pushed it directly into solr…


                            This also meant that some of the functionality could be left talking to FMS, while some of it was using solr...




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                              Updating Solr might indeed be a problem for us, since we may have >100 DB transactions within one hour, especially in the morning.


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                                That might be an issue - that said, if you were only updating the required changes in your index you should be fine… so long as your indexer was selective enough about grabbing only changed records, then while it will still need to pull that data from FMS, 100 per hour means that at most it has to make 1.5 updates per min… unless you're updating masses of data that's easily manageable…




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                                  Take a look at


                                       C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\cwpe-tomcat\conf\server.xml


                                  that seems to be the file which is doing the path mapping to map the /fmi URLs to TomCat. It would appear from that that what you need to do is to add a new context. Taking the default /fmi one as an example;




                                  I would suggest that you try adding a new context, by copying and pasting the fmi one and setting docBase and path variables appropriately.


                                  I would suggest that for docBase you point it explicitly to the folder for your web application which contains the WEB_INF folder, which will be


                                       C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Web Publishing\publishing-engine\cwpe-tomcat\bin\*yourWebAppFolder*


                                  For path whatever you want your web app to be at… http://www.yourserver.com/*yourPathHere*


                                  I would suggest that at least IIS will need restarting, and based on my experience of installing solr on OS X, you'll need to restart the web publishing engine within the FMS Admin console too


                                  DISCLAIMER do this on a development machine only, back up every file before you change it…


                                  Let us know how it goes…




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                                    Did you get this working…??

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