Setting up a simple select checkbox list. Can't seem to figure out.

Discussion created by huntert on Mar 2, 2012
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From a Vendor perspective I am going to try and allow a user to select multiple sales categories for that vendor. So when on a Vendor Detail view you can see which type of products a Vendor Sells. The way I was going to set this up was a Button called "Select Sales Categories." This button will open a new window (Layout: SalesCategoryList using my SalesCategory table) and list all of the CategoryNames with Empty Checkboxes next to them. Under this list will be an empty Add New Category Field and an Add button next to it which will add a new Category to the list to be selected. Once checkboxes are checked off the Value will = T for True.


Now to do this I have a VENDORS TABLE, a SALESCATEGORY TABLE (for adding new categories), and a VENDORSALESCATEGORY JOIN TABLE (to list the vendors selected sales categories in a portal on the VENDOR DETAIL VIEW).


I'm just not sure how to setup my CategorySelectedCalculation field and what table it goes in. I believe the CategorySelected Field that will be a checkbox field will be in the SALESCATEGORY TABLE as a text field. The Value list is set to "T."


Could anyone possibly let me know if I'm on the right track, and what type of CategorySelected fields I need and in what table. I should be able to handle the IF or CASE statement afterwards.