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Conditional value list - the CWP way

Question asked by Fimano on Mar 2, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by Fimano

We have a company providing 'study abroad' information.

Latest client / server versions. Server OS is OS X 10.6, own server, hosted at provider.

Students can now search the database for available programs, based on

- level (mandatory)

- main category (field of study)

- sub-category <== this is what I have to implement...

- country

- university.


The currently running solution is embedded in an iframe:

Find dit studium | edu


In the prototype, I did in FileMaker Pro, you would select a main category, then the relevant sub options would appear.

Not so easy in CWP...

My skills are great when it comes to FileMaker, not too bad in html, very basic in php, barely existing in css, jquery, ajax...


Example: when selecting Education, the choices should be:

-Curriculum and Education Studies

- Teacher Education,
preferable with the 'sub' select appearing upon choosing a main category.
Hope this makes sense.