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    User always has to login twice the first time


      One user of mine (and just this one of 6 using the same solution) always has to log in twice the first time in the morning. After the first login she doesn't have her privileges, but seems to be logged in with a read-only account despite having had to enter her account and password. I am using a starter db for my users with a default login and (scripted) buttons to open all the databases they need without having to remember how to access them. And that user is the same as the read-only account in this db. But there's no relationship between that starter db and the db this user is opening. Also Get(CurrentPrivilegeSet) shows her proper privileges.


      I am quite at a loss to find an explanation. And it's starting to bug out this user who has had to do this for months now. Does anyone have a pointer what to check for and/or maybe a solution/workaround? Thank you very much.



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          are you absolutely sure your user is opening the SAME file twice?

          Could there be a local instance of that file or a test instance somewhere on your LAN?


          There may not be a relationship between the files, but there will be something in the database connection  (File > Manage > External database connections.

          Make sure there is only one pointer there to the correct file.



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            Are you utilizing FileMaker Server?


            If so, there is an option in there that can be enabled that will only show the databases to which the user has access to. If this is enabled, the user would have to enter their credentials, then the list of databases would be shown, and they would have to login to the selected database.

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              Stephen Huston

              If you are using a "starter" - I assume this is an opener file which simply opens the file to allow bypassing the Open Remote dialog.


              The simplest solution I can think of would be to change to auto-login Account Name  in her opener so it won't  auto-authenticate while opening the file she should be authenticating herself.


              Matt's mention of the server authentication is worht checking out if you are NOT using an Opener file to bypass the Open Remote dialog.

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                Thank you for all your answers.


                @Peter: Yes, in external data sources the absolute path is set, db is on the FMS, so it's not possible it's trying to open a local file first.


                @Matt: My users don't use the Open... and Open Remote... commands, they just click on a button in the starter/opener file that opens the right database for them.


                @Stephen: Stupid of me, I hadn't thought of making a separate opener just for her and these db's in question. Maybe that'll help, thank you.

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                  I'm closing this discussion. The user never got back to me.... And I have bigger problems to chase him about this. Thanks all for your suggestions!