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    Compact Copy


      Does anyone have a way to automate the compact copy function?

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          You could set an OnTimer script to do that (Save a copy as..., then select compacted copy) and run it from a client that stays open. Beware the solution should not have a Kill-step for OnTimerScripts anywhere in other scripts.

          You must change the folder name to prevent errors when creating a copy of the same name.

          Unfortunately, server-side script will not allow this, but if you are using FMServer, it is easy to schedule a backup there.

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            Stephen Huston

            How automated?


            There is a script step to save a copy, which lets you set it to a compacted copy.


            I use this for client-called Backup scripts all the time (not automatically triggered), adding a date-stamp to the copy saved via a calculated file name from a $variable.