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    FMPro Migrator



      I'm currently working on a solution for a client that contains two files with a total of about 20 tables (as of now). I have been developing this as client-side run solution and it will also be accessed via FMGo. He now also wants to set up a web-based solution to license out to some of his clients to access data, run reports, almost everything. The type of functionality he wants for this is more than what can be accomplished using IWP - or so I belive. Working with him and some of the people consulting him we've decided that converting this into a PHP web application is the way to go. I am a novice when it comes to PHP. He has suggested using FMPro Migrator to convert our current client-based solution into a PHP web-application. I'm still researching this program and trying to get ideas in terms of alternative approaches.


      Has anyone used FMPro Migrator to do something like this? Is it relatively straight-forward for someone unfamiliar with PHP? Have you run into any big snags or other issues I would need to keep in mind? Any other programs that you would suggest I look into? I'm just trying to familiarize myself with the product or like-products. Any information you can share would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance

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          Although I've not used FMPro migrator 'in anger' I suspect that it's very like the FMP site assistant... If it will deliver exactly what you need, then it will be an excellent choice, but as soon as you want to change anything, it will be significantly more convoluted than if you'd built your solution from the ground up and understood how it worked...


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            I've never used it, but I believe FMPro Migrator creates a SQL database and web app out of your FMP database.


            Make sure it can do what you want it to do before you go down that route.


            And as Steve says, it would likely be pretty hard for you to modify if you don't have strong(-ish) PHP skills.






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