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XP runtime crash

Question asked by planserendipity on Mar 4, 2012
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I've created a single user runtime for Windows using FM Pro Adv 10 v3.

The runtime was created on Windows XP SP3 and contains no plugins.

The runtime has been distributed to about 20 beta testers for evaluation.

The runtime works fine for 19 of the users, however one user is experiencing repeated crashes when he performs actions that include a COMMIT command. Not every COMMIT causes a crash but eventually one does.

I have recompiled the runtime several times and the user has downloaded and run each but to no avail. The runtime is installed using the Innostep installer software and is about 30Mb in size. It is not a graphics intensive app.

He has Windows XP SP3.

I'm running out if ideas of what to suggest to resolve this problem.

Here's what I am about to suggest he check next. Can you think of any others?


1. Run software update;

2. Check how much free hard drive space is remaining;

3. How much RAM;

4. What graphics card;

5. Antivirus software?


What do you think is the most likely cause of these crashes?

Is anyone aware of any software conflicts between a FM runtime and Windows software?

Would it be useful for him to create a new Windows account on his PC and install/run the runtime from there?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated.