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    QAS (Address Validation)


      Has anyone used this for address validation via FileMaker Pro ???



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          Hi Peter,


          I've not used it directly, but I do get our addresses verified each year using, what I assume is the QAS software -- at least I see QAS embedded in the verification code generated by that process.


          For us, this work is done by a guy at our commercial printer, GEON. They charge us $NZ 350 each year. Having that done is one of the several criteria necessary if we want to take advantage of NZ Post's Bulk Mail postal rates. Currently we need to have a verified "Statement of Accuracy" that is better than 85% to qualify for those Bulk Mail rates which are discounted by some 30% over the standard rate.


          I've not watched the verification done as all I do is supply the addresses and postal codes as a CSV file and get back a CSV file that has all the verifiable addresses in their correct format. That is what makes me believe the QAS process should work quite readily alongside FileMaker -- indeed the guy at GEON also uses FileMaker to format and generate data for their main commercial label printer. Thus far though he has never asked for our address data as an FMP file so I thus suspect he does not have the two programs interfaced.


          You might therefore extend your enquiry to one of your local GEON plants.


          I hope this is of some help as I've no doubt that our respective postal agencies do share information -- but probably only when it suits each party!!




          John Wolff

          Hamilton, NZ.

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            You got my curriosity going.

            This url might answer your questions:


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              Hi again Peter,


              A very quick scan of the AMAS documentation tells me that the NZ and OZ postal services have definitely been in collusion (co-operation) in the development of the PAF, addressing standards and a costly licensing model. We are now seeing the DPID numbers in our returned file and the same data is appearing in the beta version of a web interface.




              I'm optimistic that this web page can probably be built for FM's Web Viewer. This will hopefully give us a much faster way of address matching and complying with our addressing standards than by using the existing web interface.




              Unfortunately, we'll still need the annual address verification process to utilise the bulk mail rates. A glance at the AMAS licensing prices indicates that a decent chunk of the fee that we are are charged is for GEON to pay for their license from NZ Post. Which is in turn helping our Postal Service subsidise their investment in faster mail processing. Grrrr . . . !