Much much better access via web publishing

Discussion created by Siw_ktjt on Mar 5, 2012

100 simultaneous users are far far far too few. I'am administrating a fair with 100 000 visitors during 4 days, with a massive programme of over 3000 programmes, 900 exhibitors and 2200 participants. People are visiting our website searching for participants, exhibitors and programmes. 100 users are reached within 2 minutes. Then the web publishing engine locks itself and must be restarted. I've spent the first two days of the fair sitting standby at the server - restarting the web publishing engine every 10th minute. NOT pleasant!


The FM version 6 was excellent. Spent a lot of developing hours to build the database in version 7 - and all for NOTHING!! We had to leave FM for the web publishing just because of this limitation!


I sincerely hope that the version 12 will allow at least 1000 or 10000 simultaneous web users!