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Best practice for merging and storing PDFs?

Question asked by marcussundgren on Mar 5, 2012
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At the place I work we've been ordered to handle archiving of term papers and student theses according to a specific scheme. We receive the papers as PDF files and need to name them according to a certain specification (this part I've figured out I think). Then we need to generate a cover page that has to be merged with the original PDF (this I need help with). All data needed for the cover page resides in a Filemaker database and can be output as a PDF.


What I need your input on is how to handle the PDF's:


  • Are there any plug-ins that can help me with the merging/concatenating the PDF files? Or are there FileMaker native solutions?
  • What's the opinion on how to store the documents, in container fields, as a file reference path, or using a plug-in such as SuperContainer?


We have a Filemaker Server 11 that will host the database on the local network. I'm doing the development on OS X with FMP 11 Advanced, but the faculty that will use the solution will work on Windows with regular FMP9-11 clients.