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Copying the wrong records information over to a new records

Question asked by trodifer on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2012 by woytovich


When working with one new customer's invoice and after years of use created 1000's of records with no issue, all of a sudden now when I click the button that will copy my new "Estimate Line items" Over to my "Invoice Line items" it is pulling the wrong information from a unrelated estimate/ records that has been closee out months ago.


Please keep in mind that the two customers and record numbers are not the same and there is no other common information between the two records. So I am not sure as to why FMP would be copying the estimate information off of someone else record and inputting this over onto a new unrelated customers record.

You can see the attach image of the two screen shots which should have the same information on both but do not... Please Help!



Other Infomation:

Filemaker Pro 11 Advance

Windows 7