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Filemaker 11 crashed when printing

Question asked by bhvl on Mar 5, 2012
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We do have a serious problem with FM 11 advanced .

When we do follow basics actions :


* we make a basic file ( we have it with every file also , so we make a simple basic file , with no relations )

* make a button to print

* set up printer : konica Minolta C 253 ( coulour network A3 recto Verso printer / copier )

* go to browse mode

* push that button - printing screen appears and we do :

* previeuw

* previeuw appears on the screen

* we go back to FM 11

* wheel start spinning and FM 11 will stop and crashed


We do this several times and always : FM 11 crashed


Second scenario


* We make a second button

and we select Brother MFC8860 DN ( network Brother A4 black/white printer )


* we go to browse mode

* push this button

* previeuw

* previeuw appears on the screen

* we go back to FM 11

* we can work further


Third scenario


* when we do "apple+P "

* we select the Konica Minolta printer

* till now this work .


So what is wrong in the scripting in FM 11 Advanced ?

This isn't a real script , this is a button who activate the scrpit " print "


We don't have any problem with FM 10 advanced


Our operating system is MAC OSX 10.5.8 and we use a Macpro dualcore 2ghz with 2GB memory .



When will Filemaker come with a sollution , because they know this problem since a longtime .

With this programmcode error we can loose all of our data


When , When When When ?????






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