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    Filemaker 11 crashed when printing




      We do have a serious problem with FM 11 advanced .

      When we do follow basics actions :


      * we make a basic file ( we have it with every file also , so we make a simple basic file , with no relations )

      * make a button to print

      * set up printer : konica Minolta C 253 ( coulour network A3 recto Verso printer / copier )

      * go to browse mode

      * push that button - printing screen appears and we do :

      * previeuw

      * previeuw appears on the screen

      * we go back to FM 11

      * wheel start spinning and FM 11 will stop and crashed


      We do this several times and always : FM 11 crashed


      Second scenario


      * We make a second button

      and we select Brother MFC8860 DN ( network Brother A4 black/white printer )


      * we go to browse mode

      * push this button

      * previeuw

      * previeuw appears on the screen

      * we go back to FM 11

      * we can work further


      Third scenario


      * when we do "apple+P "

      * we select the Konica Minolta printer

      * till now this work .


      So what is wrong in the scripting in FM 11 Advanced ?

      This isn't a real script , this is a button who activate the scrpit " print "


      We don't have any problem with FM 10 advanced


      Our operating system is MAC OSX 10.5.8 and we use a Macpro dualcore 2ghz with 2GB memory .



      When will Filemaker come with a sollution , because they know this problem since a longtime .

      With this programmcode error we can loose all of our data


      When , When When When ?????






      (( from Belgium ( where Gerard Mercator is born 500 years ago ( his cartographsystem is still used in all GPS systems ) Belgium with the best beers , wine and chocolat of the world . A country with more than 500 days out of government . And we didn't miss anything without our government . Now we are missing a lot of mony in our wallet , because of all the additionla taxes . Shame Belgian government . Now the world can read it . haha .)) = This has nothing to do with Filemaker haha ))

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          Stephen Huston

          Be sure the printer drivers are installed for the target printer, including all updates.


          Be aware that a few printer drivers have been documented to cause errors with FileMaker in almost every FM version ever released. It's not always the same pirnters, but it usually has to do with printer driver code. It sounds like you have a conflict with a specific printer rather than a bug in FileMaker.


          Be sure that, if the printer is more recently-released than the version of FileMaker you are running, that you install all FileMaker updates, and, if the problem persists, notify FM Technical Support once you are clear which printers you have that work and which do not.


          FM suport may know of a work around for a specific printer, or you may need to be carfeul to use the compatible printer for FM printing. Sometimes there are alternate printer drivers which work with a problem printer when printing from FileMaker.

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            Mr  huston



            Many thanks for your reply.


            I've done all updates from OSX FM 11.04 and printer driver .


            Why does he work with apple P and crash with printbutton?????


            As you are from filemaker company , please  look at the codes and communicate with Konica to solve it.

            It is not a printer from 100$ . It cost more than 9000 euros .

            Also they are client friendly as you are .





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              Stephen Huston

              Hi Ben,


              First some confusion about my affiliations -- I am not a FileMaker employee, just a user since FM's early days. I did independent FM consulting for many years, and I  now work full-time for a graphics firm as their in-house FM developer because their entire business systems run on FileMaker.


              So, I can point you at things based on my knowledge and experience, but I cannot step in a do anything between companies, nor get into the source code of either FMI or other companies' software. This is why you need to contact FM Inc for some levels of help with bugs and software conflicts.


              The main differences between the CMD-P and the scripted Print commands are:

              • Command-P uses the OS-level print dialog process without any stored setup or printer preferences other than what is set at the OS level.
              • Scripted prints rely on FMPro saved print settings, which can (and usually should) include Page Setup (Mac) to restore the correct page settings, and, if Printing is happening without dialog, the printer preference*, number of copies, and whether the print the found set or the current record.
              • * There is a problem with FMPro not saving the printer of choice even if it is a scripted preference in the perform without dialog option, and that has been documented and the subject of  developer complaints for years.
              • Another possible mismatch is that Page Setup can specify settings which won't work with the default printer, and this can cause print errors, though I have not seen it crash FileMaker myself. However that's certainly possible if the printer's driver cosde conflicts behind the scenes.

              Does your script specify a Page Setup (Restore) to make sure the page being sent to the printer will match the printer's capability?


              I recommend you send your information to FMI Tech Support for them to check against other support problems of record.


              Stephen Huston

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                Hello Stephen


                Many thanks .


                What I' ve done ? I've call Konica Minolta and explain the problem again .
                In 10 minutes they give me this link with a new driver  : 5.6




                Now let's be very carefull : I've made  a new button and it works till now .

                ( Before upgrade after 1 klick on the button FM 11 crashed , now aftere 20 clicks it still work : no crash ( I cross my fingers )


                So conclusion for Konica Minolta users : call Konica Minolta and perhaps they have a driver update to solve it .



                We will go further to specify more our printersutups in the script. If we do not have any problem , you will hear anything from us . If we have , we inform the forum .


                This forum and mr Stephen are a very helpfull item


                Best regards