Free Caregiving Software

Discussion created by jle1112003 on Mar 5, 2012

Offering free download of "CareHome", a caregiving software developed in Filemaker 11. The software is intended for caregiving services of the elderly - where the software is used to document the lowest point of care. "CareHome" is ready for use either as stand-alone, closed network and even through the internet where care workers with their laptop, iPad or desktop could input caregiving data directly to company servers.Likewise, immediate family or care guardian of elders could be given access to monitor caregiving and updated information of their loved ones, i.e, with the use of their computer or iPad and internet from any place they are located. "CareHome" is most fitting for care homes, boarding care, home care agencies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other elder care institutions. Visit http://www.caregivernotesonline.com and look for the download link in the top panel. We would appreciate if you could give comments or suggestions and we would be glad to answer questions you may have.