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Multiple key filters and combinations and permutations... need a calculator/value generator

Question asked by thebridge on Mar 6, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by thirdsun

Hi Everyone,


I was hoping someone had a calculator or Custom function that would calculate and list all the combinations of a 7 key field foreign key calculation field.


I have found some calculators on the internet but none that will do exactly what I need.


What I am hoping for is the ability to list the 7 fields and the blank/empty field (8 total fields) and have the calculator generate a list of all combinations that I could then copy/paste into my calculated foreign field.


The combinations will maintain this field order


The primary key calculated would look like this:


__kp_g_FilterItemClass1& __kp_g_FilterItemType1& __kp_g_FilterColor1&__kp_g_FilterSeason1& __kp_g_FilterPerson1& __kp_g_FilterItemSize1& __kp_g_FilterGender1


The calculated foreign key would start with:


_kf_ItemClass & _kf_ItemType & _kf_Color &_kf_Season & _kf_Person & _kf_ItemSize & _kf_Gender


Next line would include the empty value field in the first position:


_kf_EmptyValueField & _kf_ItemType & _kf_Color &_kf_Season & _kf_Person & _kf_ItemSize & _kf_Gender


Following this pattern, and if my calculations are correct I will end up with 128 lines of combinations.


Can anyone help with this?


here is a link to calculator/value generator that almost works:


thank you


Robert Bloomfield