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    Preview doesn't display the same things in 75%, 100% and 150% zoom




      I have a few letter templates I need to insert in filemaker and I was surprised after working on those letters at 150% zoom that the preview in 100% wasn't displaying the same number of words per line which messes up everything. When I switch to 75% or to 150% everything is back to normal and alligned as I intended.


      The good thing is, it seems to print out and save as pdf correctly as well, but I'm still wondering why it doesn't preview correctly at 100% (in browse mode or layout mode it's not ok either).


      I'm working with Filemaker 11 advanced in windows 7 for this project


      Anything I could to to make this go away or is it a bug?




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          Stephen Huston

          Line spacing issues and different screen zoom-levels can depend on several things:

          • Tab spacing
          • Line spacing
          • Formating of text (bold, italic, etc.)
          • Size of objects on layouts

          FileMaker hs to figure out how many pixels to give to a 10pt object when shown at 75%, and it cannot display it as 7.5pts, so it adjust things. Same is true of a text field or text object that's 453 pixels wide on the 100% layout. How many pixels wide should that be at either 75% or 150%.


          And bold text takes more pixels than unbolded text, as does italicized text. How much depends on the fonts installed, and the size set to display via that layout. Even more challenging to the rendering engine is text which has the size embedded in the data when the layout is set to default to a different size; then, on top of that, add that you have zoomed the loyout away from 100%.


          FileMaker adjusts as best it can to our attempts to confuse it.

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            In Preview mode FMP displays the page as it will be rendered by the printer driver. This display may be different to how things appear in browse or layout mode. It may also differ silghtly if different printer drivers are selected at the time.

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