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    Filemaker 11 Pro crashes with Win7x64

      My new installation of Filemaker 11 Pro crashes with Win7 x64. The startup-screen appears and after some seconds the task crashes.

      I can't get it to run. Any suggestions?

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          Stephen Huston

          Can you provide more specifics?

          • Which version of Win 7 -- it comes in flavors: Ultimate, etc.
          • Is there a crash log?
          • Are all updates of both Win7 and FMP11 installed?
          • Any FM plugins?
          • Other software running at the same time, including any background utilities or add-ons to the Win system?
          • Other installations of FM products installed on same system?
          • Any other version of FMPro tested on same machine?
          • What do you see happening onscreen just before the crash? (do you get to the FMPro splashscreen, or ?)
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            Hello and thank you for your Answer.



            • Windows 7 Home Premium


            • I don't find any crash log


            • Win7 is fully updated. FMP11 is a clean install from Disc


            • so there aren't any plugins


            • i tried to kill all other processes but it still doesn't work


            • yes FMP10 is installed to but the same problem appeared there, too.

                (this is the reason i tried it with version 11)


            • yes tested and didn't work


            • the splashscreen appears and hangs up after a little while.



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              pheller (don't know your name);


              One thing to verify. Make sure the Bonjour Service is running.


              Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Services >> Should be under Services(local)


              Hope this is helpful,



              p.s. we have 8 win7 64bit systems running v11 without incident - as I understand flavors of win7 are all under the same basic architecture and the differences exist in the number of bells and whistles, with each flavor unlocked by install codes (but no software install process needed) hence the $89-$100 USD price for upgrade from home to pro.


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                Stephen Huston

                So this failed the same way with both FM 10 and FM 11?


                Does it fail this way the very first time you start them after a clean installation of FM -- neither of FM has ever started up successfully after installation?


                If that's the case, that neither FM 10 nor FM 11 has eve run successfully after installation, you should consider several possiblities:

                • Test that installer on another computer which meets the Minimum System Specs to see if you are getting a clean installation from it. Or, more simply, do a download of the trial version and run that installer on your machine to see if it makes any difference. (First do a full uninstall from your existing installers to clear the FM stuff out of your system.)
                • Report more details about your hardware, its manufacturer, and other installed and pre-installed software. There are many dozens of things which FMI's tech support has tracked as problems/conflicts. You may need to open up a help ticket with FM support to work through this.