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Creating a list that looks up indidivual entries in a related field and that reside in another file.

Question asked by stevenripley on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by Stephen Huston

Another novice playing at being a database developer....


I have a contact management database with all my customers in

I have an account database with the address details of all of the different accounts in which my customers are to be found

I have an invoice database with all invoiced items to date (and that is regularly updated)

I have a product database with a list of catalogue numbers, product descriptions and prices


I want to be able, in my contact management database, to create some sort of table, ideally with a series of drop downs that will allow me to select a catalogue number and then using this have FIlemaker auto-enter the description and price alongside.


I was wondering what the best mechanism to do this might be. There is no obvious relationship that I can establish between a bunch of customers and a bunch of products and I am bamboozled at how to be able to create a list of catalogue numbers, and each time I enter a catalogue number to have Filemaker pull the appropriate info from the priduct database to sit alongside each.


I know this is Filemaker 101 to most but I am not the most synaptically gifted.