FMSA11 not allowing schedule

Discussion created by MattLeach on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2012 by timwhisenant

Currently running FMSA11 on a Win 2008 Server and am trying to setup a bi-hourly backup. Server has correct date, time and time zone (EST)


I've attached 2 screenshots of the issue at hand.


Im trying to set the schedule to run every 2 hours from 9AM to 9PM. When i attempt to click next, the times fields turn yellow and the next button is greyed out (Screen1.png)


If i set the schedule from 8AM to 8PM or any earlier, i am able to click next (Screen2.png).


If i set the scheduled from 9AM to 8PM, i am also able to click next.


Any idea why this may be?