Times New Roman font style issues Windows XP

Discussion created by paul_tuckey on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Stephen Huston

Im experencing problems with appearace of the Times New Roman font when set to Bold Underlined when printed from Windows XP. The Underline is running into the bottom of the text leaving no gap between the text and the underline.


According to my client this makes the appearance of the FileMaker generated letters appear poorly formatted when compaired to the same documents created in MS Word.


Printing the same letter from OS X or generating a PDF of the document from OS X or results in the correct appearence. Creating a PDF from Windows XP improves the situation but the underline is still too close to the text.


My client sends out many letters and its very important too them that these are formatted correctley. I was hoping FileMaker would be able to handle this nativley but Im starting to have my doubts. Before I go down the road of intergrating Word into my workflow I just woundered if anyone out there has experiecnced the same problems and has -more importantly- come up with a workable solution.