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    Proposal: FileMaker Open Source Plugin for HL7 messaging


      Just thought this may be of interest to a few of us...and am willing to give it a shot if others are also interested!


      Does anyone else think we could get a developer community going to create an Open Source HL7 plugin for FileMaker?

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          I don't have a plug-in, but I have a FileMaker solution that can parse and create HL7 2.3.1 for lab orders, lab results, A04, A03 and immunization reporting and public health surveilance reporting, as well as CCD CDA/C32 compliant XML output that has passed Stage 1 Meaningful use certification.  I would consider sharing these in an open-source setting if anyone is interested.


          OK, if anyone is still interested, here are small FM11 files with HL7.  There are also a couple of stripped-down example files that they work with. All patients and patient information is fake. User admin, password admin.


          1.  The "Lab Import" files work with the HL7 2.3.1 downloads that we get from Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and our local hospital (which uses Meditech).  Since each HL7 file that they give is is slightly different, I had to make different files to process the downloads.  But before the download is imported, I have a workflow in automator that first concatonates all the small text files into one text file, then I import that single text file with multiple patient results.  Since we are an Ob-Gyn office, I also have FM read the pap results to categorize them to help us identify abnormal paps for QA reporting and follow-up.


          2.  The HL7_Imm_PH file produces a HL7 2.3.1 file for meaningful use reporting of public health and immunizations to state agencies or the CDC.  It uses the information from the visit progress note in the "Current Patient Files"


          3.  The CDA file produces the HL7 3 xml file required for meaningful use data exchange.  A style sheet for reading the information in a web browser is included.


          4. There is a "Lab Order" file that can generate the HL7 to send lab orders electronically to reference labs, but I have not used it in a while, so it probably needs updating.


          Supporting files:  Practice, Patient Info, Current Patient Files, ICD, View Log, Lab Results and Appointments List.  I have deleted scripts and layouts in these files, so they do not work normally, but are merely meant to supply the data that the HL7 files are looking for.  Please email me at carolke@erols.com to get the rest of the supporting files and HL7 lab import files. 


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            Sharing that would be a great help for the people intrested in increasing interoperability of their FileMaker product!

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              Not sure a plugin will really make sense here.  HL7 is just a text file that has segments and delimiters to separate the transmitted data.  Compared to some of the other protocols in the Medical Industry, Creating an HL7 is relatively easy,  Parsing one is a little bit more complex and even further complicated by how far the source drifts from the protocol (see below).  But it is what you do upon parsing the file that makes every situation different.


              When it comes the "Medical Profession" keep the following in mind...


              While protocols like the HL7 are "in theory" a standard, in practice almost every Practice Management Application, EMR Software Package, Clearing House, Billing Software Package, etc... Have there own somewhat b@$t@rdized version of the HL7 protocol.  In some cases Insurance Carriers, Clearing Houses etc... Downright break with many of the "Established Protocols"...

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                HIE's (health information exchanges) will make file transfer formats obsolete. HIE's are essentially vendor agnostic (probably SQL) databases in which providers, hospitals, pharmacies, etc., will submit and retrieve patient information securely and privately. The HL7 protocol itself is far too old to be relevant to ever improving implementations of what is, or will soon be, medical records standards.


                HIE's are not (yet) there with everything I can do in FileMaker Pro. Even with the HIE's of which I'm aware, none for example allows for images to be associated with exams or patients. PaperCutPro has had just such image creation for a long time. We can take photos in the exam room with iPhone or iTouch and transmit them directly and wirelessly into a patient record while the parents watch.


                ESS therefore holds far more potential usefulness in connecting FileMaker Pro with HIE's than format-specific files in HL7 or even CCD versions, neither of which by the way can accommodate images. I hope to be testing and implementing our direct HIE communications solution by the end of the year. Meaningful use really becomes overshadowed by implementing an established file/field format in the HIE. How each database solution vendor, like PaperCutPro, implements the presentation of and interaction with the data is outside the HIE.


                Ron Smith, MD

                PaperCutPro, http://papercutpro.com

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                  yes, please share. I would love to see your Filemaker solution with HL7. Thanks!!

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                    Couldn't access to all files. Because it required password. Could you set account to guest. Thanks!!!

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                      user admin password admin.  You need to email me to get the rest of the files - this site only allows me to upload 5 files. 

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                        I think it is great that after a year of posting the first message we finally managed to get a discussion going! I'm not sure on how HL7 is progressing in the US, however in Europe it is definitely being used more and more and there is no end by date in sight (at least that I am aware of). However I would really like to understand what HIE's are all about. There must be standards for posting and retrieving data. We use to use something like this in the UK on the NHS National Program for IT however all data was transmitted and received using HL7 as the standard for messaging...I'll look it up online and see what I can find.