SSO (Single Sign On)

Discussion created by FrankPottner on Mar 7, 2012
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My goal is to get SSO (Single Sign On) working with FMServer 11.

The clients are logging in through Novell e-directory but IT says they have the same accounts in AD (Active Directory).


Can this be made to work?



If so, my understanding is I need to do the following; please correct me on any mistakes or missed steps since I don't really understand this stuff.




- FM file "Test.fp7" has a privilege "ViewData" with extended privilege "fmapp" enabled and is hosted on FMServer

- AD is part of the "ABC" domain

- user John Smith has a Windows login/pwd "JS/secret" and belongs to a group "Managers" in AD



- in Test.fp7, "Manage Security" I need to create a new account

- for "Account is authenticated via" I select "External Server"

- for "Group Name" I enter "Managers" (same as group name in AD)

- for privilege set I select "ViewData"

- I move this new account to the top of the list of accounts so that FMS tries to automatically authenticate the user


- the computer running FMServer must be part of the "ABC" domain so that it knows which AD to talk to


- John Smith's computer must be part of the "ABC" domain so that he's authenticated with the same AD that FMServer will communicate with


- on opening the Test.fp7 file John won't be asked for a password

- get(AccountName) will return "JS"

- get(AccountPrivilegeSetName) will return "ViewData"



Are there any other settings I need to set or configure?