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    Windows 8 & FileMaker: Metro or Desktop?


      This seems to me to be the big question right now. Like Apple did with iOS, Microsoft seems to be demanding a rewrite in the Metro mode in order to run on the ARM chips. I think all good tablets will run on ARM as opposed to x86 chips, so what does FileMaker do about it's mobile strategy on Windows? Will there be a seperate product such as Go that runs in Metro, or will the whole of Filemaker Pro get ported to Metro, making it a completely tablet friendly app? I would buy my first MS product in years if I could develop FM databases on a tablet!


      [Note that currently Microsoft is saying that Metro apps won't be able to be managed by Windows domains, but I don't expect that huge omission to last long]

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          Stephen Huston

          There have been a few tablets which rcan un versions of WinOS which are FM compatible. I know a guy who has installed FMA11 on such a tablet, but I have no idea what it's like for doing development work with tablet hardware. I don't think he's actually used it for development, just to have the full FM experience instead of GO.


          I suspect I would still need my mouse and external keyboard to feel like I wasn't too limited on the device for file work, as opposed to simple data-entry.

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            Thanks for the info, but I'm not talking about standard old windows running in 'touch' mode. That has been out for 10 years already. No way a stylus/keyboard combo is quicker/better for coding than a trackpad/keyboard combo at the same resolution.


            I'm talking about Bento iPad or FMGo iPad growing into Filemaker Advanced iPad (if you are mac guy), so the full suite of development tools (all the define dialogs, etc.) are available on a native touch UI...


            or, on Windows, MS is saying that the Metro UI will run alongside traditional Windows on the desktop/laptop, but when running on a tablet only the Metro UI will be available. So, when FilemakerPro runs under Win8, if it were to run under the Metro UI, then it would also be able to run on Tablets in native touch mode. Giving us a full FMP dev environment on a touch-native interface.


            The latter scenario somehow seems technically nearer than FM growing their iOS products into full FMPA style environments.  But then again, Bento iPad already does basic table, field, form, and relationship creation on the iPad. We just need scriptmaker, user permissions, and a calc engine interface on iOS and we are getting pretty close.

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              I've been reading some more Windows 8 blogs and commentary and it appears that apps for the Metro UI are going to adhere to HTML5 concepts and no one seems to feel development apps will run under Metro, only lightweight client-side apps. If such a scenario plays out to be true then Windows tablets will not run serious apps, just thin clients. iOS - especially on the ipad - is already doing powerful content creation and remote management stuff, and has moved way beyond simple thin client apps (which are still the most popular).


              It strikes me as odd, and perhaps a hint that this is all incorrect speculation, that Microsoft would end up with a simpler and less powerful tablet OS than Apple, when their original goal stated was to bring full windows to the tablet.