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FMSA 11 : Server-Scheduled Script hang with External ODBC/MySQL database

Question asked by mdiehr on Mar 8, 2012

I'm testing out an automated software code-generation solution for my company. A filemaker database running on FMSA11/OS X 10.6.8 has a scheduled script which, once a minute, checks another server which hosts a MySQL database that contains new orders that come in.


The MySQL database is set up using external data source (ODBC using Actual Tech drivers 3.0.14).


This works great most of the time.


However, whenever there is a communication problem between the machine running FMSA, and the host mysql database (running on a hosting provider), such as when the hosting provider's machine goes down, we see the following behavior:


1. The server-scheduled-script hangs - this appears to infinitely tie up a single login user (of the 3 available in the dev license)

2. The next run of the SSS hangs, tieing up another user. Repeat again, and then it gets worse:

3. Automatic backups start to fail with verification errors

4. Eventually, the server stops responding at all.

5. A reboot of the server clears everything up, and the databse is fine.


I'm testing this out using the developer's license, which only allows 3 simultaneous logins, so this sequence of events progresses fairly quickly. On occasion, I'll see error emails from step 1 happen but it doesn't progress to steps 2-4.



Sample Error Messages:

2012-03-05 10:49:00.786 -0800Error691MyDatabaseSchedule "ServerRobot" aborted; time limit exceeded or server stopped.

(repeates 2-3 times)

2012-03-06 17:00:01.611 -0800Error640MyDatabaseConsistency check failed on backup of database "MyDatabase". (808)
2012-03-06 17:00:01.616 -0800Error664MyDatabaseSchedule "Hourly" completed, but consistency check failed on backups of one or more databases.

... eventually, the server locks up


Anyone seen this?


One idea I've had is that the 3 user limit of the developer license may be making the problem worse. E.g. if FMSA11 allows 'unlimited' user logins, then even if one of the script users hangs, this may not cause a terrible problem since there are an infinite number of users left.


If someone from FM wants to contact me off forums to help report/debug this, I'd be happy to oblige.