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Transferring a database file from FMP11.0 to FMP Go on iPad2

Question asked by sixpointsteve on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2012 by sixpointsteve

The goal is to have users connected via WiFi on an ios device to be able to email a copy of the database file to themselves so they can then use it disconnected or locally on the ios device. I created a script which is simply a "Save as Copy As" script step with the create email with an attachment checked. Not sure this is the proper approach, but it is where I started and it almost works. While using FMP11.0 when running the script the file is created and attached in the email. I send the email to myself and I now can "download" via email to the ios device and use disconnected. However, when I run the same script from the ios device while connected via WiFi, no email is generated or database attached. So I guess the question is does the send email with attachment script step work on an ios device and I don't have it setup correctly? Or do I need another method altogether? Go Zync is not required since there is no need to sync back the the remote database. While connected I do have Import scripts to update the local database file on the ios device from the remote database which work like a champ.