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Importing existing database to a server

Question asked by juliafanghella on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by sporobolus

I have been slaving over a database since July of 2011, and just now do our collaborators set up the server for it. The server's home is in a different location than where I am, which seems to be creating an issue. I can copy tables into the relationship manager, but it does not create new tables. Also, the formatting is definitely not being carried over.


I have 24 layouts, some of them with over 1,000 fields. I do not want to lose any of these, especially do I not want to re-do all of the layouts, tables, and records (because it has already taken me 7 months and we want to start using it now!). They have valuable data of which some of it only exists in the database, so I cannot lose those.


If anyone could shed some light onto how I can upload my exact current database to the server, I would really appreciate it!