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Automatic notification of changes

Question asked by danielle-gwa on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by MacDevGuy

Dear FM forum


I have developed a database and I am trying to get it hosted by a hosting company. Before I allow other users access i need to establish a way to ensure quality of the database is maintained.


I want to establish a method that will allow me to see any changes that are made to any of the fields in the database. When a user edits/imputs information into any of the fields or makes any change to the database structure itself I as the administrator want to be notified of the change. If possible I want to see -the before change screenshot perhaps (possibly by running a script trigger to run on object enter) and then

-the after change screenshot (possibly by running a script trigger to run on object exit)


I want this notification to be sent possibly as an automatic email so that the user does not have to physically send the email and so their work is not delayed and they are not distracted.


If this email notification is not possible- possibly creating a layout with portals for each active layout that is updated with any changes made with a timestamp and noted username of by whom the changes were made?


Has anyone any idea of the best way to solve this issue? Possibly by one of the ideas I have outlined above?

I am open to any other suggestions of ways to achieve this notification.