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Two different text formats in one calculation field. Possible?

Question asked by jobemay on Mar 9, 2012
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still working on the verbs. Thanx again to the people who have helped so far.


Problem: I'd like to create a calculation field with 2 (or maybe more?) different text formats in it.


Here is an example:


Instead of:


Ich habe gearbeitet (German for: I have worked)


I'd like to have (just to overdo it for example' sake):


ich habe gearbeitet


The calculation I have (successfully) used so far is:


"ich habe " & PREFIXge & ROOT & SUFFIXet


which results in:


ich habe gearbeitet


which can be formatted as I want it in any layout.


But what about 2 colours and two font sizes?


I have thought of creating a new calculaion field [ COLOR_ich_habe with the calculation TextColor ( "ich habe " ; RGB ( 75 ; 75 ; 75 ) ) ] and then use this in the first calculation like:


COLOR_ich_habe & PREFIXge & ROOT & SUFFIXet


and likewise with the font size.


Is this train of thought ok, or is there a more elegant way which I have (as usual) been too stupid to find?