Getting all text after an underscore

Discussion created by smac11shl on Mar 9, 2012
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I am looking to find a calulation that will give me all of the text after an underscore, for example:


If I have a field and the text is ORD_SHP_20120208, I would like to get all of the text after the second underscore. With this example I can use many functions such as left, right, LeftWords, etc... however, what is the first two words vary in length? Or the last section is more than one word?


So I would have


Record 1:

ORD_SHP_20120208 --> Result: 20120208


Record 2:

ORD_SHP_20120208 9384 --> Result: 20120208 9384


Record 3:

ORD_SHP9323_20120208 8475 --> Result: 20120208 8475



I would like to be able to use the replace function to get the last section in each record - so I am assuming I would need some sort of calculation.


Any Ideas?


Thank you in advance!