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New Server Recommendation

Question asked by JoeScarpetta on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by cortical

Looking for a server recomendation for a client to run FileMaker Server Advanced.


Requirements: min 30 users, heavy traffic

10 FileMaker Files 1 will be core applications

Will be hit from web for quoting on a busy website.

Will be used for FileMaker Go connections

Lot's of ESS is being used for imports and future connection to SQL


Looking for someting that will last at least 3years.


Would like a Mac and PC Recomendation, the client is in a mixed environment with Mac's Pc's and linux servers.


Raid 5 or SSD?


I am inclined to go Mac and wait until the Pro's update hopefully in a month or so, My company will be supporting this.






Joe Scarpetta

The Scarpetta Group