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No Event logs/Server unexpectedly quits

Question asked by on Mar 9, 2012

My client is running FMSv11.04 (latest version) and I am not seeing ANY event logs. The event logging is on by default and cannot be changed, yet I'm not getting any event logs. Is anyone else having this issue?


The reason I was prompted to look at event logs was because their FM Server unexpectedly quit twice in the last 2 weeks and I'm looking for why that happened. Does anyone know if Carbon Copy or Retrospect backup apps would have any conflict with FM? They have been setup to only backup the 'backup' folder, but wondering if there could be an issue. The system crashed when a scheduled script was running to save documents from a web based location. The documents file ended up getting corrupted. Not sure if the script hanging caused the crash, or the crash caused the script to hang, but either way the end result was a corrupt file. I was able to restore the file from backup, but still trying to discern why the crash happened. Any insight would be appreciated. If you can copy your reply to me at my email address that would be great!



Linda McFee, Compu-Books